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Underway Sailing

11-12S : 011-00W, Underway Sailing.

Sunny with Rain showers wind changing in direction during showers just a little increase in strength. Force 4 to 5 Bfrt.

After our rig repair on the studdingboom iron we had everything set again before the sun was setting.
So that was a proper job done by our riggers and engineers.

We did not need the stuns'sl yet with this breeze so a good opportunity to sand & varnish the SB lower stuns'l boom while it is on deck in the Breezeway.
The many showers with just a little rain are not the perfect weather for varnishing but the amount of jobs that need scraping and sanding is still more then sufficient to keep everybody happy.

Done 24hrs = 152M = 6,3kts in 313 degr going steady and strong
Done 66hrs = 422M = 6,4 kts
ToGo = 284M to Ascension

ETA Ascension Monday morning

Alles Wel


Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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