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Update from the South Pole

Here a new update from the South Pole! Day 12 aboard Bark Europa. As we are heading more south, the views keep getting more impressive, our knowledge about Antarctic geology and mammals is growing (thanks to our amazing guides and their lectures), the icebergs are getting bigger and the whales keep on getting closer and closer to the ship. We already
made multiple landings. Some in the morning, others after lunch or even after dinner. Despite being here for almost 2 weeks already, the beautiful sights of Antarctica are something we’re still not getting used to. Navigating through huge icebergs, climbing the mast to get the ultimate 360 views and running outside to spot some humpback whales is
something that will never get boring!

This morning we went ashore Yarou Island. When we were being surrounded by the cute Gentoo Penguins and their cute fluffy chicks, the amazing crew was washing and making our beds. Besides some sail handling now and
then, we feel like royals the way we’re being treated here. In the afternoon the group was split up in 3 groups, to take a zodiac tour and get close to the big icebergs. When looking at them from the ship, they are impressive, but when you get really close to them with the small zodiac, you can really see how big they are and what they look like from
up closely. After removing all of our 100 layers of clothing we wore on this tour to keep us warm, our bartender Denise welcomed us back with some hot chocolate. The only thing left to do today is enjoying another tasty meal from the chefs before we head to bed and look forward to waking up to a new day here in Antarctica!

Until our next little blog!

Jess & Sas

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