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Watch out Porto

The relatively calm mornings of the past few days have given the voyage crew fantastic opportunities to make Europa's bosun happy. A small group have started to gravitate toward the forepeak, looking for odd jobs.

Today I had the pleasure of climbing all three masts hunting
leather for oiling while others were linseeding blocks. Plenty have
learned the critical sailoring arts of splicing, whipping and serving.
It's such an awesome experience to participate in the day-to-day
maintenance of this ship.

As for sailing, we're currently in the Bay of Biscay on a WNW'ly course
to keep away from the "lee shore" that has claimed so many in history.
Per the captain's nightly briefing, this course will put us into the
winds we need to point us south again toward Porto.

Most everyone is getting more comfortable with the odd hours and the
rather continuous motion of the ocean. Meal times have the watches
mingling and sharing stories from their day or their lives. It's hard
to imagine getting closer to the destination for many... how will we
ever survive in a motionless world? Watch out Porto - there are plenty
of salty, swagging (near) sailors headed to your door.


Such true statements. What an experience.

Mikey Walsh  |  08-10-2016 17:58 uur

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