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we are flying towards Cape Horn

The wind did calm down a bit during the night, but we are not going much
slower – we are flying towards Cape Horn. All is well.
We do some wet bracing in the morning - after which Sarah gives a
lecture about Shackleton down in the rocking lounge. After we watch the
1929 footage 'Around Cape Horn' – just before spotting land ourselves.
There she is, the Horn! We pass Cape Horn with a speed of about 10
knots. Good views – with binoculars we can even see the monument and the
lighthouse. As we come closer to land we are surrounded by Peale's
Dolphins – jumping and bow riding.
Passing Cape Horn everything calms down. We brace and are almost sailing
downwind now. The ship is upright again and lunch is surprisingly easy.
As we enter the Beagle channel we take down all the sails – we have
headwinds now. Light headwinds that is – they don´t slow us down much.
At our 8 o´clocky we have done 190 nm  – with gusts of over 40 knots, a
maximum speed of 11.9 and a swell of roughly 7 meter. Sea watches are
suspended – we end them with a great furling party, furling all the
sails on the fore and the main mast – as Peale's Dolphins are jumping
around the bow.
We drop anchor just past 01:00. It is warm, the evening is calm and
dark. A summer night.

Geschreven door:
Sarah Gerats | Guide

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