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Yesterday we arrived in Scheveningen after 82 days at sea, sailing the Europa across the Atlantic Ocean from the Southern tip of Argentina to the Netherlands. And what a welcome we received! It is hard to describe the feeling one might have when coming back to land after such a long time away, not knowing how the world might have changed in the months that have passed. This voyage was unexpected to everyone and the reason behind it not a happy one, the future unclear. And even-though we had a wonderful time and a lot of fun, most of us spent the very last days of this trip with mixed feelings; happy to go home and see our families but also a little bit afraid to leave our safe (and Corona-free) Europa bubble. But all that was forgotten as we sailed through the piers and found that so many friends and loved ones had made their way to Scheveningen to welcome us home. What a wonderful surprise! We would like to thank everyone for all the support and the lovely
messages that we were sent during the last 12 weeks and for the simply amazing welcome (especially for all the fresh fruits that we longed for so much!! :-).

Thanks to everyone who came to Scheveningen and thank you to all of you who stayed safely at home and followed us via the live-stream. Of course a big thank you to the KNRM and Jachtclub Scheveningen, who were the first ones welcoming us with a fleet of supporting yachts and a large box of the tastiest herrings. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Amelke (NED), Amelia (AUS), Sanne (NED), Anna (DEN), Cri (CAN), Brian (RSA), Eric (NED), Jordi (ESP), Maria (ESP), Gjalt (NED), Emma (GBR), Krista (USA), Richard (SVK), Sebas (CHI), Greg (CAN), Mille (DEN), Vai (TON), Nat`(GBR) and Merle (GER)

Geschreven door:
Merle Steinhagen | First mate



Happy to see you all home, safe and in good health. You did a pretty good job , guys! Now enjoy your hollydays

Jos Gremaud  |  05-07-2020 17:36 uur

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