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We covered more than half of the distance to South Georgia

Good evening,

POS:  49*21,1 S 049*55,0 W
COG:  115
SOG:  8.1 kts
WND:  NW 7 bft
SEA:  1.5 meter
SWL:  NW'ly 3 meter
Water temp: 11.8
Air temp: 9.8

The morning brought a warm sun and gentle breeze to sail with. The lookout spotted whales and many many birds flew around the ship. The big wondering and blackbrowed albatrosses soaring majestic on the for the human eye invisible wind and pressure patterns. In between them much smaller Wilson storm petrels and Prions flew around. Natalie our bosun said: "it looks like the prions always have so much fun flying". A beautiful way to look at it.

In the afternoon the wind picked up as did the waves and swell.
Europa s
tarted rolling. After 6 days at sea you always have the idea that everything is sea-stowed properly. Until the rolling starts. At least underneath my own bunk there are items moving that are not contributing to a nice peaceful sleep. Hopefully the rest of the people on board did better :-)

We covered more than half of the distance to South Georgia. IAATO briefings are held, the South Georgia briefing is in progress and soon we will start with the bio-security. Removing everything from the clothing that we take ashore that could harm the fragile island. Vacuum machines will make overtime, tweezers come from all corners, reading glasses are put on to make sure not a single seed is missed. It is nice to look at people hurdling together in the deck house taking cleaning more serious then they ever did before in their lives. I look forward to it already!

But for now all concentration is needed first to keep Europa properly on course in the building following seas.

Cheers, Janke

Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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